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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Finding News about Online Viral Video

I’ve found a few places that I really like to get my New Media and Internet News about Online Viral Videos. One of them is a blog by
GigaOM called NewTeeVee. They have several different reporters who are keeping track of all the good stuff going on in Online Video and Video Podcasting. Occasionally I’ll get something interesting from the online advertising folks at AdAge but they aren’t really part of our community so I have to sift through all the Madison Ave propaganda about "how pre-roll is better" to find one little nugget about what’s really going on with new media producers.

Another online video news website I like is The Daily Reel. They have a podcast too but I find that when I’m looking for online news I want it online right away and not in a podcast. They do have the video from the podcast posted on their site but it’s a high quality QuickTime file that takes forever to download and there’s no Flash embed version for me to grab and share with you on this site. Yo, Listen up Alex Delyle. Put some Flash that can be grabbed and shared.

Over all I would have to say that so far, my favorite place to find news about what’s going on in Online Viral Videos is Cynthia Turner’s Cynopsis: DIGITAL especially cause it come to my email box and it’s a short and sweet brief that let’s me sift through the news and cherry pick the things I want to know about.

The funny thing for me is that I’ve found blogs, emails and websites that I enjoy getting my new about online videos from but I have yet to find an online video that I enjoy getting my online viral video news from. Shelly Palmer, I love you and your information on your website to death, you really know your new media better than anyone else and the information you present is right on target but for some reason I’m just not digging your News Video yet.

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