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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Marketing Your Podcast with Sex.

Marketing Your Podcast with Sex.
Sex Sells: How Victoria's Secret Sold 9.4 Billion Dollars Worth of Hope...

I’ll soon be speaking at > Podcast Academy 6 on September 27th about marketing your podcast. If you are just getting into podcasting this is a must attend event to learn about what it takes to get started in audio and video podcasting. You’ll get knowledge and information needed for professional podcasters, corporate practitioners and people charged with podcasting for organizations. It’s a day long course style approach including lots of Q & A and the ability to interact with the instructors throughout the day. Last year was a blast.

Greg Cangialosi - The Trend Junkie will be showing some Corporate case studies. Colette Vogele - Vogele & Associates will be talking about Podcasting and the law. Craig Syverson of grunt media will be speaking about New Media / Old School.
Paul Colligan Colligan.com Colligan.com will be telling us what’s “Beyond the iPod. Dan Klass The Bitterest Pill gives the ins and outs of Professional podcasting.
Chris Brogan of ChrisBrogan.com ChrisBrogan.com will also be there as well as Michael Geoghegan MWGblog.com of GigaVox Media and Doug Kaye Blogarithms / Creator, IT Conversations

I’m putting my presentation together now but I’m expecting to speak about how to your podcast get featured on iTunes, creating award-winning Key Art, On-air promo for TV shows and movie trailers and how it relates to marketing your podcast as well as some other things like using craigslist, amazon.com and ebay to promote your podcast and online videos.

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Chris Brogan said...

Funny to read your subject line and see my name in my "ego surf." I was like, Ummmmm... did that film Jim Kirks shot get posted, because I'm putting up my film of him if he did.

So, I look forward to seeing you. : )