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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tiger Woods and Hot Women in Music Videos

The 2007 PGA championship has been a smoking hot topic in this weeks news with Tiger Woods leading in this year's 89th annual major golf event, taking place in Tulsa, Oklahoma and that makes me think about sexy women in music videos and DRM.

DRM is failing. DRM is falling apart. DRM doesn’t work. Universal Music who said they would never ever, ever get rid of DRM is testing getting rid of DRM . Google is Shutting down paid Video .

What does this have to do with Tiger Woods and Hot Women in Music Videos? Tiger Woods is a Brand. People pay to see Tiger Woods play golf but Tiger Woods doesn’t make a ton of money from the people that come to see him play at a golf course or even the money he wins from playing in the golf tournaments (it is a lot of money but not his big bucks). Tiger makes his money from endorsements, TV commercials for Nike and Buick. That’s where his big bucks are made.

What the hell are you talking about Tim? I’m never going to sign a 100 million endorsment deal . No you probably won’t but if you produce viral video content that people want to steel you can use that to sell something else. Well Mr. French Maid TV smarty pants what am I going to sell? What are you going to sell? How about selling something that doesn’t cost you money? What? That’s right, sell something that doesn’t cost you money. How about referrals? What if you could get $100 per month from one dog groomer in every city in the world by putting a link to their site on your video site? At that rate you would only need 100,000 cities to have an endorsement deal that matches Tiger Woods’.

What about the hot women? For years record labels have been giving away music videos with sexy women in them for promotion. Now they are selling there music videos on iTunes but they are also placing them on FREE Music video sites as well. Using that promotion to build their brands and sell other things like popular ring tones.

So put your thinking caps on and start thinking how you can produce viral videos that make people want to steel them and promote your online videos, building your brand into something that you can use to sell a lot of something that doesn’t cost you money.

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