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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Making Money with Video at Comic Con

For years now freaks and geeks have been going to Comic-con in San Diego, CA. to see the latest in anything related to Comic Books This year was no different. The thing that was different was that a TV Show that was there was more popular than major motion pictures that were there. A year ago there was no TV Show called Heros. This year at Comic Con Heros was all the rage. That said, what can you do with your video between now and next year to make a splash at Comic Con?

For those of you living under a digital rock who not familiar with Comic Con, it’s a convention where comic book aficionados come to buy hard to find comic books, collectables, memorabilia and meet comic book, film and TV creators as well as celebrity actors from past sci-fi TV shows and films. Many of these comic book guys and girls also come dressed as their favorite characters. But what does all this Comic Con crap mean to you the video content producer? Well if you have a video with a fan following that is targeted at this crowd it could mean a lot and even if you don’t have a fan following but your videos might appeal to this crowd you could make a little or use Comic Con to launch your brand.

Brand, you say? But Tim, I don’t have a brand. I just have videos. Well if you want to make money in this new media video ball game you better start thinking about developing your videos into a brand. What is a brand? For those of you that didn’t take Marketing 101 or read Marketing for Dummies you might want to take a crash course brand building and think about what things in your videos have that can translate to other verticals. Could you make a cooking book? A coffee table book? A comic book perhaps? Are there t-shirts, calendars or some other consumer products that the people who watch your videos would want to buy?

It’s not going to happen over night but content creators like Home Star Runner and Red vs. Blue have done a great job of creating free content but making money from building a brand.

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