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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Digital Hollywood

I've spent a good portion of the last two days at Digital Hollywood. It's a event that has a ton of six person panels pontificating about anything and everything digital. Creative people are far and few between the suits of tech marketing people trying to launch the next white label do it yourself broadband channel for studios and networks.

Hayden Black of Goodnight Burbank and Abigail's X-rated Teen Diary http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif Paul Kontonis from For Your Imagination and John Evershed from Mondo Media the people that bring you Happy Tree Friends were but a few of the video peeps there.

Victor Harwood puts on a great show that brings in key players that know their stuff. If you are looking to get in to anything in Digital Entertainment Digital Hollywood is the place to start.

Walking around the trade show floor I was hoping to find other companies that are doing what Revver has been doing for the last year or so and that's dumping money in my Paypal account every month for advertising that they place on my videos but unfortunately I didn't find any of those types of companies exhibiting on the floor or having cocktails at the parties. I bet once the whole YouTube Advertising thing takes off other companies will copy what Revver is doing.

I'll be back there today as at the last minute The Daily Reel has asked me to join a panel they have at Digital Hollywood about Viral Videos. I'm looking forward to being on a panel with Judson Laipply, Creator of "Evolution of Dance", Ben Relles the Prodcuer of "Obama Girl", Lisa Donovan the creator and star of "LisaNova", Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox the Creators of "Smosh and Mark Day the editor of Rooftop Comedy who will be moderating it.

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