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Monday, October 22, 2007

Emotion, Spectacle and Story

Although The University of Arizona Football doesn't have the BCS ranking of Arizona State they do have spirit or at least one spirit.

In 2003 about the time of Mike Stoops Football Camps a beloved University of Arizona student died unexpectedly. Today the restless spirit of this little Wildcat still haunts the U of A campus.

WARNING: The following video contains emotional content.

When you watch the above video how many different emotions do you feel? Do you feel different about yourself after watching the video and experiencing those emotions? Are you wondering about how this video was produced? Are you wondering how this ghost was captured on video. Are you curious about what compelled the producers from Tycoon Studios to create and distribute this video? Do you think this video will be a popular Halloween viral video? Are you dying to show it to a friend or relative?

Try your best to move as many emotions as you can.

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