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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

KISS Keep It Short and Sweet

Keep It Short Stupid is what they really used to say to me and if you want to make money at Revver or any other site that pays for click-thrus that's what you'll want to do.

With Halloween right around the corner you could make some fast cash with videos about real ghosts that are short, sweet and scary.

Like this one of the ghost of a little boy:

If any of you are up for a trip down memory lane and would like a little late night creepy thrill, have a look at the story of My Son Peter that goes with the video above. This lost website comes to us courtesy of the Wayback Machine.

Some of the links are broken so you may need to use your back button.

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1 Tim Street said...

If you Google "My Son Peter" you'll find many comments about this little video. I've been contacted by TV shows that wanted to debunk the video and I was like, "You know it's not real?" and they were like, "Could you just pretend?"

When we first posted "My Son Peter" back in 2001, 2002 women would send emails to Richard and ask him out to dinner and to Church. It was a really weird time to be playing in this space of Interactive story telling and blurring the lines between fact and fiction.

I didn't make any money directly off "My Son Peter" because Google Ads turned me down but I was able to get work from Studios and TV Networks creating creepy websites for them.

It's a lot of fun doing this kind of ARG. I know the LonelyGirl15 guys are having fun with it. They really get this space.