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Friday, October 26, 2007

A New Video Rev Share Place?

Okay when I first cam across this mashable article about Channelmetv ad rev share I thought ah maybe another Revver is kicking into gear which may be the case but what I discovered when I went to the channelme.tv website was something a little more brilliant.

Imagine if you were back in the days of the California Gold Rush and you were planning on heading out West to strike it rich. You would need a way of getting out there and you would need to know where to go to dig for gold.

Now imagine if when you went to the stagecoach company to buy a ticket to get to Sutter's Mill they asked you if you wanted to buy some land near Sutter's Mill and they would throw in the picks and shovels for FREE? Well that's kind of what channelme.tv is doing.

When you go channelme.tv to see how you can strike it rich with online video they ask you if you would like to buy your own .TV Domain, (which I assume they make money selling.) They have a search box for you and all the tools set in place to get your very own Online Video Channel up and running including an advertising rev share. Sounds pretty cool if you are just starting out and time will tell if it works or not.

I poked around their "most viewed" channels a bit and had trouble navigating. It looks like a bunch of video blogs full of Youtube videos to me. Imagine if when you went to Blogger, Blogger asked if you wanted to buy your own Blog name for $24 and that Blogger would provide you all the tools to build your blog for just $24.

That seems to be what channelme.tv is doing and if they can get people to part with $24 for a .TV name or if you already have a .TV name you can sign up. I'm not sure if this will work and if it does work how long it will keep working once people figure out they can do the same thing at Blogger for FREE but I still think it's a brilliant business model that is a throw back to the days of the California Gold Rush and it has my head spinning thinking about other ways start up companies can provide tools for people to strike it rich with online videos.

Now the really wacky thing about this post is that I went to Revver, searched "channelme" and I found the above video of Dave Coulier from ABC's Fullhouse discussing ChannelME.TV for Demand Media. So if you watch that video advertising channelme.tv that I've posted here on Blogger for FREE and then you click on the ad at the end I will get paid a few pennies by Revver.

Does that play with your head a little?

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