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Thursday, October 11, 2007

WTF Blinkx ?

According to New Media News Guru Cynthia Turner "Who We Love!" and today's edition her daily email Cynopsis: DIGITAL "That We Love" Blinkx is going to do a revenue-share with website publishers who post the embed Blinkx player on their site but content creators will not be compensated.

Wow that sounds like such a great deal, NOT. "Hey give us your content for FREE and we will let other people post it on their sites and we will pay them money and you will get great exposure."

When is the last time your landlord let you pay your rent with video views?

They do have a really cool looking player though. It's pretty cool how it loads different video windows. I wish I could get a French Maid TV player or an Ask a Ninja Player or a Getting Away with Murder Player or .... that would do that.

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