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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Building an Audience-Thrilling Videoblog

There are few people in Social Media who know how to connect with their audience the way Robert Scoble does. If you are interested in building a following of loyal fans DON'T MISS ROBERT SCOBLE in Vegas at The New Media Expo . Online video content creators please join us in Las Vegas August 14-16, 2008.

Building an Audience-Thrilling Videoblog
Track 4: Audio and Video Creation: "How To" Techniques for Making Compelling Content
Instructor: Robert Scoble of FastCompanyTV
Description: You have a camcorder, or, maybe even a cell phone with a video camera. You post your videos up online and perhaps even participate in "life streaming" and video communities like Ustream, Seesmic, or Justin.tv. But you don't have as many viewers as geek star Chris Pirillo and you're wondering how to take your videoblogging/life streaming up a notch. This session is for you! Robert will cover writing a better blog, why photography is important, working various communities to get exposure and promotion and how to get noticed by doing all of this well. This is an opportunity to learn how to build a videoblog that will get noticed in an ever-crowded field and have fun creating it.

New Media Expo

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