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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vegas Baby!

New Media Expo

I'm heading to The New Media Expo in Las Vegas tomorrow. I'll be carpooling from Los Angeles in a borrowed Honda Hybrid Insight so I figure it will cost me about $10 - $15 to get to Vegas.

I'll be speaking on Thursday about using online video to market products:

Market Your Products and Services Using Online Video and the Secrets of
Cable Television
Track 5: New Media Strategies
Instructor: Tim Street of French Maid TV
Room: N245
Description: Americans viewed nearly 9.5 billion online videos in November 2007 and large and small advertisers are clamoring to get into the online video space. Everyone has laughed at their share of Cats Swinging on Ceiling Fan videos but who wants to advertise their product next to one? Using successful methods from cable television advertising, you'll learn how to create branded entertainment of your own that connects with viewers - use existing online videos to extend your reach. Find out how you can identify and connect with online videos and video podcasts that have built-in audiences and are safe for your brands or how you can be "edgy" by taking a risk. Know the difference between pre-rolls, post-rolls, mid-rolls, ad insertions and sponsorships. Understand how audiences are measured, where you can go to get third party statistics and what return you can expect on your investment. Walk away knowing where to spend your media budget.

If you are coming to Vegas and want to say hi feel free to email me 1timstreet at g mail dot com

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