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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy Too Big For TV?

NewTeeVee reports today that Seth MacFarlane’s advertorial series, Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy, is gearing up for its launch on Sept. 10.

I'm wondering if we are going to see Google Gadget Ads in play on the launch of this project?

Imagine if Google creates a Co-branded Burger King / MacFarlane Gadget that get's placed on every comedy and animation site with a 300 x 250 Google Display Banner. The video would be hosted at YouTube the Google Gadget Ad would be on every relevant site and the video views will be through the roof.

If they do it and do it successfully this could be a new way of launching shows. No longer will you need to have millions of video views to start all you will need is a sponsor on board who can pay for the placement and you can launch a new show that will get millions of views and if it's good an instant audience of loyal fans who are ready to interact. Did I say interact? Oops we haven't gotten that far into the evil plan of Internet shows yet. Please disregard that last remark and just think about how great it was to take radio shows and put them on TV.

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