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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

iJustine Explains How To Use the Nokia N95 Video Phone

Nokia sent me a Nokia N95 to try out for a few weeks and it arrived just as I was heading out the door for Las Vegas and the New Media Expo.

I happened to run into iJustine on the floor of NME and she gave me a demo of her N95.


iJustine Fan said...

Thanks for posting this!!

thecolor said...

Isn't that a demo of how to slide the device to one side (of 2) and press the right soft key and center key? hmmm. Not quite a demo of the N95 or qik. No?

As well as a plug for qik.com/thecolor I mean, qik.com Qik rocks!

Seriously though, I love my N95-4 8GB!! It's better than any device out there, including the iPhone (both).

Steve Garfield said...

Nice video. Meetings.. Cool...