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Friday, August 8, 2008

Have You Voted For Next Year's SXSW Panels Yet?

Did you know it's time to start voting for next year's SXSW 09 panels?

Hugh Forrest and Kathryn Lasater have sent out the email that the 2009 SXSW Interactive Festival Panel Picker voting application has now launched.

This means that YOU now have the opportunity to help pick the Interactive panels that take place March 13-17, 2009 in Austin, TX .

REPEAT: The SXSW 09 Panels are up for voting on the Interactive SXSW Panel Picker.

You can use the search function to find a term or a presentor, or even to gauge the zeitgeist of this community. "Trends that we have noticed for 2009 include web apps, brands, lessons, news, things that are long, the popularity of the word "suck" and a lot more advanced-level proposals than last year."

Here are a few of my pics:

Advertising is Entertaining - Who's Selling Out?
Felicia Williams, YouTube
How are popular online video creators making advertising work without losing the authenticity and credibility that are their biggest assets? A panel with real experience tackling these issues will talk about things they’ve learned, successes and failures, and emerging best practices for making sponsorships entertaining without selling your soul

Video Content: Super Distribution or Super Disaster?
Daisy Whitney, TelevisionWeek
With hundreds of video-sharing sites, social networking and blogs, devising an effective video and social media strategy is daunting. Creators face a myriad of tough questions. Discover how your strategy impacts your revenue model. Take away a list of tools, trends, and tips to save time, money, and your sanity.

Online to Big Screen: Filmmakers Reflect
Kent Nichols, AskANinja.com
Hollywood is sending online video directors to the big leagues of feature films. Find out how these online pioneers made the leap, how the mediums differ, and how you can turn internet success into a dream come true.

Sex, Lies and Online Videos
Zadi Diaz, EPIC FU
As the online video world evolves, how do we properly evaluate what's been working and what hasn't? How do the old media mantras and models apply themselves to the new media world? Our experienced panel will bring together their combined knowledge and discuss what has worked for them and what hasn't. We dispel the myths about money and production, tell you what you should watch out for, reveal our new media experiences in the Hollywood world, and teach you what you need to be aware of as a producer in the digital age.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device: Navigating the Distribution Paradigm
Damon Berger, Revision3
How do you get online content in front of the biggest audience? What are the best distribution platforms to use? Online video sites want their content accessible – and on as many devices and networks as possible. Attend this session to learn the latest in navigating the new distribution paradigm.

Lessons Learned from Successful Online Video Producers
Tim Street, FrenchMaidTV
These popular video producers beat the odds and created profitable online videos. Learn the essential ingredients for success and how to avoid time-consuming and expensive pitfalls. Improve your chances for launching a successful online video or movie trailer by implementing the necessary elements and strategies.

Are there any panels on the panel picker list that you would like to see?

ACT NOW Time is running out!

Voting will close at 11:59 pm Central Standard Time on Friday, August 29. Panel organizers will be notified as to whether their idea was accepted (or not) beginning in mid-October.

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Shashi Bellamkonda said...

Hi Tim,

you have a good selection of panel ideas on this post. I amexcitedly looking forward to the results. Of course I have apanel idea in too :)

Shashi Bellamkonda