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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How Can You Organize Your Videos?

How Can You Organize Your Videos? from 1timstreet on Vimeo.

Say you have a Internet Webisode Series kind of thingy that you've posted on YouTube using a cool tool like TubeMogul. ( I ran into Brett Wilson today and he said the boys back at the shop read my blog so shout out to the TubeMogul guys!) Your Video is now everywhere and someone comes across episode 7 of one of your videos. How can they easily find the rest of your series in an orderly fashion?

Well, I ran into the guys at Unknown Vector at Digital Hollywood Building Blocks San Jose and they have a product called uvlayer. They told me that it will help people search and organize video content and share it with friends.


brett said...

best part of the show was having beers with you. see you in Vegas baby.

Mark said...

Thanks for the TubeMogul shout out!