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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is Britney Spears Naked "Womanizer" Missing Any Tricks?

The official video of Britney Spears' "Womanizer - DIRECTOR'S CUT" for the New Album CIRCUS which is in stores December 2nd hit YouTube yesterday. Full of spectacle and story it also moves two or more emotions...depending on who you are of course. Womenizer also has a naked Britney Spears in a sauna and over 450,000 views as of this posting. So why does it remind me of the MTV music videos of the 80's?

Britney's stripper like performance in this director's cut is a far cry from the days that I remember Jimmy Huckaby directing her in music videos and skits on the Mickey Mouse Club at the Disney MGM Studios in Florida but the feel of this video some how throws me back to that time period when I was working on MTV's Remote Control during the week and picking up freelance gigs on Mickey Mouse Club on the weekends.

Maybe it's not the video itself but all the other money making schemes that are in play. It could be the "The B Line" call in number where Britney is "Taking Calls" now that reminds me of all those 900 numbers that used to be on TV at that time or it could be that this is just a classic music video that is being used to market Britney Spears' New Album CIRCUS in stores December 2nd.

What ever it is, this video and all the marketing behind it feels like classic music marketing being applied in a Web 2.0 world.

The big differences are that with just a few clicks you can listen to the entire song for FREE or buy it at Britney Spears - Womanizer - Single - Womanizer. You can also buy the ringtone of the song Womenizer on Britney.com. Something you couldn't do with cable TV in the 1980s.

Britney Spears is back from her sabbatical with a vengeance and she's not missing a trick in monetizing her content online. Britney and her Sony Music marketing machine have a blog, a forum, wallpapers, ringtones, a Double Click ad server installed on the Britney.com website serving relevant ads to her site visitors and they even have an animate yourself into Britney's videos page from Gizmoz.

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