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Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Hard Drives Do I Need for HD?


I don't normally blog about tech products but every once in a while I come across something that I think is pretty cool and the G-tech guys have been very good to me - inviting me to parties at the Playboy Hef Suite in Vegas and making great drives that I use - so I thought I would point out two of their products that can be very useful to online video producers and editors.

I ran into Roger Mabon of G-Tech at the HDEXPO in Burbank this week and he had some new storage products that might be of interest to online video people who use Final Cut Pro and need to move large amounts of HD and SD video files around for editing.

First is the G Speed ES a 4 drive RAID that goes up to 4 TB and second the G Speed XL PCIe supports up to 24TB and is expandable up to 180TB with a 800 MB/sec throughput.

I don't personally edit HD (I have produced/directed projects in HD) but if you want to you can use these new RAID storage drives from G-Tech.

Tim, I'm an online video producer I don't care about HD video. Are you stoned?

Well, if you care about making money from online video you should care about HD and other Hi Res formats like RED. You should be doing everything you can to capture your video in the highest quality format that you can so that when people can watch online videos on their HDTVs your video looks better than everyone else's.

I'm not telling you to go shoot the best daily horoscope show on a RED camera but if you are creating video content that could live on TV, DVD or go to the big screen then you should consider how you can shoot High Resolution Video.

Do you have a tech product that online video creators should care about?

Let me know.


sexleksaker said...

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Doug said...
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Doug Luberts said...

I've been using G-Tech products for about 3 years now. Starting with a 320 Gb FW 800 G-RAID that's still in use.

I've been editing DVCProHD 720p and ProRes with it. The drives scale beautifully as well.

Not the lowest cost per gig, but more than worth it for the reliability.

Heather said...

TIM!!! Heather Williams here, and I wanted to make a correction on my statement in your video... The G-SPEED-eS unit comes both with and without the PCIe RAID Controller card (in case you are buying a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th unit). The prices start at $1,249 for a 2TB-eS with the card and range up to $1,899 for a 4TB-eS with the card. On your video, I quoted the price for the 4TB without the card.. Thanks so much!! Great unit everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

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