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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Video Blogging Pioneer Interviews Spike Lee

A few questions with Spike Lee from ekai on Vimeo.

Video Blogging Pioneer Eddie Codel had a chance to sit down with Spike Lee yesterday with a handful of other bloggers & vloggers and got 20 minutes with Spike to ask him about the influence of the Internet, social networks, mobile devices and cheap tools on film making. They also got his view on UFOs!! This is part of the Nokia Productions film project.

It's interesting to see how a ground breaking filmmaker like Spike Lee is so far behind when it comes to new technology and the digital revolution.

Nice work Eddie!


Eddie.com said...

Thanks for the mention Tim. 'Pioneer', that's a lot of responsibility!

stormko said...

I don't know if I'd look at it as he's "so far behind". Not putting stuff on YouTube or not reading a blog doesn't make you behind. Spielberg still uses a moviola to cut his films and has never even had a website. Would that make him behind the times?

I can see how you could think Spike is behind, but I don't think it's accurate. I mean, if he's so far behind, then why is he still bigger than 99% of all internet filmmakers? I don't say that to stick up for Spike, but rather point out that online activity doesn't necessarily affect the filmmaker. Maybe the films, but not necessarily the filmmaker. You could not even use the internet at all and still be a great filmmaker in this day & age. And if you're films are still being widely distributed in theatres and DVD––still gaining more eyes than any web film––then being "ahead of the curve" in that sense doesn't really hold value yet. It will, but not yet, it would appear.