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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TV Marketing Guru Vince Manze Leaves NBC to start New Media Company!

According to The Hollywood Reporter NBC Promo Wizard Vince Maze is leaving NBC after 18 years to start his own New Media Company.

That's nice Tim. Why should I care about some old guy leaving NBC?

Cause this is a guy that understands short form and long form media better than anyone else on the planet and if Vince Manze is leaving the comfort of NBC in the middle of a recession to start a new media company you know he has something good and worst yet he's going to stir the pot for everyone else.

I recently ragged on StrikeTV for having 40 Shows and no promo department. Vince Manze is a guy that can create 40 Internet Shows overnight and have the promos done and posted before Midnight.

Look out kids, there's a new professional on the new media playing field who is going to raise the bar for all of us.


Tony Katz said...


What's a good definition for raising the bar? Is Vince going to better the content landscape, better the monetization possibilities, "legitimize" web specific content?

Curious to know your thoughts here.

Tony Katz

worldofhiglet said...

Hi Tim,

Is he taking anyone with him? Any inkling which direction he is going to take? Thanks for sharing.

Brady Brim-DeForest said...

I'd be very curious to know who he is bringing with him from NBC. He's a sharp guy – I'll be watching him very closely.