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Monday, October 20, 2008

Who is the Puppet Master Eric Doyle?

I was out for drinks with my buddy, radio show host turned actor David H. Lawrence XVII who plays the villain, The Puppet Master Eric Doyle, an Owner of a marionette theater / escaped prisoner from Level 5 on NBC's hit TV show Heroes. Doyle can control people with the snap of his fingers just like a puppeteer. I asked David a few questions about coming to Hollywood and advice for other actors, online video producers and Internet people.

David worked as a radio show host then came to Los Angeles to break into Hollywood as an actor. It looks like all the acting auditions, casting calls, talent searches, self promotion and studying that David did on how to become an actor has finally paid off.

After his creepy role on Heroes I’m expecting David to become a movie star. Maybe we’ll soon be reading celebrity news and Hollywood gossip about him and Hayden Panettiere or he could just wind up as a regular on Heroes, 24 or LOST.

Who knows maybe we will all be walking around snapping our fingers the way Eric Doyle snaps his fingers closed to shut someone's mouth. It will be like Bewitched and the nose twinkle.

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Mark said...

Awesome, I'm psyched for David and to see the show.

JZ said...

congrats to David. well deserved. Tim - what's a "squeeze page?" never heard that before.

1 Tim Street said...

A Squeeze page has little info and is all about getting your info quickly to be able to market to you.

Check out the Wikipedia definition: