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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Online Video Leaders: The Podcast Brothers Tim and Emile Bourquin

Online Video Leaders a series of blog posts to honor those pioneers that have laid the groundwork in getting Internet video to where it is today.

The Podcast Brothers

Tim and Emile Bourquin are known as the Podcast Brothers because they are brothers who have an audio podcast titled The Podcast Brothers. Imagine that? They are also the team who produces the New Media Expo in Las Vegas where a community of online content creators get together to teach, share and learn about making and monetizing online content.

Now you may not think that two brothers who do an audio podcast about the business of podcasting would be likely candidates for leaders in online video but Tim and Emile Bourquin have done more to influence innovation and foster real world community than anyone in online video. They have also been a big influence on me.

I first encountered Tim and Emile Bourquin at the first Portable Media Expo (that later became the New Media Expo) where the big news was that the "Podfather" Adam Curry was ignoring the Invitation that the Podcast Brothers had extended for him to speak at the Podcast Expo and would not be attending. (In later years Curry and his Podshow team would crash the conference and hijack attendees in a limo.)

It was at that first Portable Media Expo (that was going on at the same time and in the same convention center as a Portable Waste Management Expo) where I saw Leo Laporte speak about how he was using Podtrac to survey his audience and monetize This Week in Tech. I walked out of that conference knowing I needed to shoot French Maid TV.

Since then Tim and Emile Bourquin have gone out of their way to find numerous business models that Independent audio and video podcast producers can use to monetize their content.

By building both an online and a real world community as well as sharing valuable information to others Tim and Emile Bourquin have joined the ranks of the people I consider to be leaders in online video.

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