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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Online Video Leaders: Steve Garfield - The Nicest Guy in Online Video

Online Video Leaders a series of blog posts to honor those pioneers who have laid the groundwork in getting Internet video to where it is today.

It was January 1, 2004 when Steve Garfield took his videos and added them to his blog. That very well could make him the Father of Video Blogging or Vlogging. It definitely makes him a pioneer in online video and an Online Video Leader.

Since the early days Steve has been a correspondent for RocketBoom, a work for hire video guy / video blogger, an online radio show host, he teaches at Boston University and even got his Mother video blogging.

Last year Loic le Meur of video conversation site, Seesmic interviewed Steve Garfield in this video and there's some great info in it as Steve talks about video blogs he's discovered and how people are making money in online video.

I run into Steve at conferences and trade shows every now and again where he's speaking and I'm always impressed how Steve manages to find the coolest new cutting edge technology faster than anyone else and gets into it like a kid opening presents on Christmas day. Steve's curiosity and boyish charm have served him well on the Internet. As a true leader in Online Video, Steve is also known in the online video community as the nicest guy in Internet Video.

There's also another great Interview with the Father of Video Blogging on Veoh.

Be Sure and Visit: Steve Garfield Dot Com where you can try and keep up with what Steve Garfield is up to next.


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Thanks for this nice post!

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