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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Are You Obsessed with Miley Cyrus ?!

What's the story on this new video, Obsessed with Miley Cyrus ?! that is climbing the charts?

Did Lisa Nova make it? Help make it?

Are Disney Lawyers going to shut it down for copyright infringement?


Stephanie said...

that was funny! I had a friend in college who felt that way about Debbie Gibson. He was nuts!

karyrogers said...

Lisa Nova has released some collab characters free for independent youtubers to use. The idea is that you find a way to work it in the middle of your video to get an "interesting" thumbnail. It's a grassroots let's-take-youtube-back-from-the-softcore-
porn-spammers movement.


1 Tim Street said...

Very Cool. Thanks Kary.

It's hard keeping up on all this stuff.

Now do you know if she got any money from Pabst Blue Ribbon?