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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where Should You Post Your Videos First?

So you have a YouTube channel, a Revver Account, a Blip.TV account, a Video Podcast RSS feed, a Tubemogul account and you have your videos on your own URL but where should you post post your videos first? Well, that boils down to a few questions:

What are your objectives for your online video?

Are you launching something new?
Do you have an established audience?
Are you advertising something?
Do you want more traffic at your site or more subscribers on your RSS?
Do you just want to be Internet Famous?

There different benefits to posting one place vs another and I'm rethinking everything now as things are changing fast and the market place is starting to develop.

Currently I uploaded new French Maid TV videos to Revver then take that video and drop it down my RSS feed. We have thousands of subscribers to the French Maid TV video podcast so dropping that Revver video down the old French Maid TV RSS usually places us on the front page of Revver in a short amount of time and that gets French Maid TV even more views and more money from Revver. Then we post the videos on other sites.

I still think this is a great way to get the viral ball rolling but I'm curious. Do you have a video posting strategy that works for you?

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Jason Van Orden said...

Since my goal with video sharing sites is purely traffic generation for my own site (I put my URL and a call to action in every vid), I just post it out through TubeMogul to get it on as many sites as I can fast.

It's all about being found in these large "content search engines" for me.