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Sunday, May 4, 2008

How is the High Price of Gas Affecting Your Online Video Production?

Is the high price of gas affecting your video productions?

Are you shooting your online videos at home instead of going to an event or on location?

Are you finding that less actors are coming to your auditions?

Like it or not the high prices for gas are here to stay. We have told the big oil companies that we don't want to buy their products anymore and that we are going to work on alternatives for energy so that we will no longer have to depend on their products. Big oil knows we are going to be doing everything we can do stop using their products, so why should they lower their prices?

If you were shooting video for a client and they told you that they would soon be buying a new camera and shooting their own videos would you lower your price knowing that you would soon be out of work?

If you are looking for some ways for saving money here are 3 tips on saving gas money.

1. Slow Down - Traveling too fast and driving erratically uses more gas.

2. Avoid Idling - Turn your car off when ever you can. Don't use drive-thrus. Park and go inside.

3. Use Public Transportation - Some cities offer low cost or no cost public transportation. Who knows you might get some great new story ideas or discover some new characters.

For more tips on saving gas money visit: http://fueleconomy.gov/

If you are interested in keeping this conversation going let me know what ways your online video productions have changed because of the price of gas?

As for me, I've been trying to do my part by carpooling to events and parties, ridding the bus and train to meetings and I'm plaining on having my next casting calls in the more centrally located Hollywood instead of Pasadena.


Daisy Whitney said...

Connecting gas prices to online video. Impressive!

1 Tim Street said...

So are you saying that gas prices haven't affected you yet?