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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How To Turn Your Marketing Depertment Into a Profit Center

Today I'm at Executing Social Media Conference and I'm really enjoying George Wright's presentation about Blendtec's Social Media Marketing and how it has turned Blendtec's marketing department into a profit center.

Described as the “The best viral marketing campaign ever,” George Wright’s Will it Blend? viral marketing campaign has changed the face and the future of online marketing. It's been seen by millions on Youtube, Revver,programs like the Today Show and the Tonight Show and as reported by the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and Forbes, Will it Blend? has delivered a 500 percent increase in sales for a small blender company while delivering unprecedented awareness for a company with an initial investment of $50. George has a proven track record of delivering strategic thinking, brand awareness and cutting-edge marketing and advertising strategy to local and international corporations to drive strategic, sustainable growth. These successful strategies and tactics can be adapted and implemented by any company and do not require a large investment. During his career, George has produced award-winning campaigns and is the recipient of multiple awards, including the .net Award for the best viral marketing site, 2006 Clio Award finalist, YouTube Awards short list, PRSA’s Silver Anvil, IABC’s Golden Spike Award, and 2007 Best of Broadband.

Some of George's points about what you need to be successful in your social media is that your social media should be entertainment. It shouldn't take people away from what they want to watch it should be what they want to watch.

Your social media marketing should demonstrate a real product sponsored by real manufacturer and be based on real people and have interactivity with comments suggestions on what your audiences wants. It should also have a simple user subscription

According to George there are some risks in using social media. You do surrender control and leave yourself open to public scrutiny of your content. The trick is to tell the truth and your audience will stick up for you.

George says that it all started out when he first started working at Blendtec and stumbled the companies CEO Tom Dickerson who was shoving a 2x4 into a blender to test out some new ball bearings. George grabbed a video camera and spent $50 on a few other products and the rest is history.

Blendtec's Will It Blend videos have had over 46 million views on YouTube,
71 million views on Will It blend.com and has 100,000 plus subscribers of their RSS feed.

Blendtec's marketing department is now a profit center for the Utah based 180 employee company that makes commercial and home appliances making over $50,000 on Revver as well as selling DVDs and ringtones of their theme music.

George says that he still has old media coming to him to ask if he wants to spend big bucks on advertising and he thinks their crazy. George loves to say that, "...social media is not new media it's what's happening now."

He ended his presentation by doing a live demo and blending a garden rake that he just bought at the local Pasadena Home Depot.

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