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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Will QuickTime be used by Online Video Advertisers?

Will online video advertisers and online video ad networks ever use QuickTime the way they are using the latest version of Flash?

YouTube, Revver, YuMe, SpotXChange and many other online video portals and online video ad networks are using Flash to deliver ads but flash doesn't play on the iPhone or iPod .

Companies like Podaddies, Volo and Castfire all make if possible to deliver ads in video podcasts but the video ad networks don't seem to care because they have advertisers who want real time stats on their ads. I personally much prefer watching QuickTime videos over Flash but Flash has won the first round in online video advertising.

Will Apple make a come back with QuickTime? Do they have something up their sleeve with the new release of the new 3G iPhone? What will the best reviews of the new 3G iPhone tell us?

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Randall said...

Re: quicktime v flash.

I think what we learned this time around is that people want a nimble, already deployed light video playback mechanism. Flash's flexibility, wide distribution base and perceived speed (whether it's really faster is constantly debated) is the reason why FLV caught on. Thankfully, with H.264 support being added shortly, it won't matter as much whether you choose flash or quicktime, since they'll be the same video.