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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CBS Will Lonelygirlize its TV Shows

New Tee Vee reports that CBS will Lonelygirlize its TV shows.

Miles Beckett's and Greg Goodfried's new production company EQAL has inked a deal with CBS.

According to New Tee Vee "Under the terms of the deal, CBS will have a first look at EQAL’s new shows (right now its roster is pretty light, with just lonelygirl15 and the soon-to-conclude KateModern). Meanwhile, EQAL’s Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried will help CBS bring its current and future TV shows onto online and mobile platforms. That includes consulting but also writing, producing and directing “brand extensions,” and working with CBS writers to actually bring the online stuff into the plots of the shows."


Daisy Whitney said...

CBS is definitely being aggressive digitally -- Wallstrip, EQAL...

Steve Garfield said...

This is exciting news.