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Monday, May 5, 2008

Daisy Says Stay On Your Toes!

From New Media Minute: Power of Indie Web Video Fans
"Daisy Whitney has a warning for small Web video production studios: “You guys have to stay on your toes.” In her latest New Media Minute, Daisy talks about the money power of the major studios and why it’s important for smaller producers to stay in tune in with their fan base. Just look at Black20’s David Price, who rallied his fans all the way to a wild-card spot in the Hottest Male Web Video Host competition. Check out the latest video and make your beefcake picks at TVWeek.com!"

So it seems like she's telling all you Indie Hunks out there that: Watch out for the big guys, Shorter is better and if you didn't get in the first time have your friends write in and change her mind.

Or something like that.

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