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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How To Effectively Pitch Your Show to a Sponsor: Step-by-Step Prospecting, Intro Call, Deal Structure, Follow Up and Closing the Sale

The New Media Expo is the world's most popular convention for podcasters, bloggers and online content creators. If you are serious about online video it's an event that you shouldn't miss.

Today I'm starting a weekly blog series that highlights a session or event happening at New Media Expo - hopefully enticing you to come join us online video content creators in Las Vegas August 14-16, 2008.

Last year one of the best sessions with the most useful take-away information was Susan Bratton's session about the business side of getting advertisers and sponsors. This year the Dishymix of Personal Life Media returns to the New Media Expo with:
How To Effectively Pitch Your Show to a Sponsor: Step-by-Step Prospecting, Intro Call, Deal Structure, Follow Up and Closing the Sale
Track 3: The Business of New Media
Instructor: Susan Bratton of Personal Life Media

Description: Description: You want to sell advertising and sponsorships into your content, but it's not your area of expertise. Susan artfully covers everything you need to know to successfully pitch your content to an agency or marketer. Susan's candor and insight combined with running an interactive session make this a must-attend event. Learn how to find and engage prospects with a professionally developed pitch. Understand how agencies work with clients and exactly whom you should pitch. Walk through a mock introduction call so you'll know just what to say. Understand the client's strategy by asking the right revealing questions so you can craft a proposal that gets to "yes!" Review various forms of advertising and how to combine online and audio/video ads to create a robust sponsorship program that performs for your advertiser and shows ROI, even if your audience numbers are small. Learn to create value beyond CPM to maximize revenue. Ad units, standard rates and advertising buzzwords will be explained. Susan explains insertion orders, media kits, collecting and presenting demographic profiles, RFP's, proposal generation and invoicing. Most importantly, you'll learn how to be pleasingly persistent, handle rejection and keep motivated. You will leave feeling informed, organized and confident about presenting your show to sponsors.

The New Media Expo conference web site has outstanding resources including the Official New Media Expo podcast and various podcaster templates and documents.

Oh, you might also want to book your hotel now and get your free Expo Hall Pass before the price increase.

New Media Expo


Daisy Whitney said...

Vegas in August...ughh...but it sounds like a great conference

Pat said...

Are the maids going to be there again this year?

1 Tim Street said...

Hey Pat,

Great question.

We are speaking with 3 different sponsors about having the French Maids at a party where they will do a live demo of the company's product or service but we don't have a signed contract yet.

Anonymous said...

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