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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Would You Be Happy with 2 Million Views in Less than a Month?

In my mind 1 million views on YouTube = a Viral Video but would you be happy with just a million views on YouTube? Would you be happy if you were Nike?

Also, how long should it take for those one million views to happen?

A virus is a virus and some viruses spread faster than others. Some viruses can stay contained until conditions are right for them to spread. The same thing can be said about viral videos. When the timing is right they can spread like wildfire. Sometimes a video can be posted and get no views and then someone blogs about it and that video goes viral.

In Nike's Nike Football (soccer) spot "NEXT LEVEL" which was posted on April 28, 2008, the long version has managed to rack up over 1.3 Million views in less than a month and the shorter version has had 520,886 but is that really going to move the needle for Nike?

The spot itself is emotionally engaging even if you're not into soccer. It's full of spectacle and story that's sexy and funny but it's a commercial and if you were paying a $30 CPM for 2 Million views you would pay $60,000. So if Nike posted these two versions of the Next Level spot on YouTube for free they saved $60k. That might pay for a few extra runs of a 30 second during a ESPN showing of a soccer game but not enough for one Super Bowl commercial.

Keep in mind advertisers pay ad agencies to pay commercial production companies hundreds of thousands of dollars to create spots like the Nike Next Level spot but with the music, all the pro scoccer players in it and Guy Richie directing my guys is that Nike's Next Level cost 1 million to 2 million dollars to produce - maybe more if it was produced using Euros and you consider the exchange rate.

Now if you are an independent content producer advertisers and ad agencies aren't going to pay you millions or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce one episode of your show but they will pay to sponsor it. As an online video publisher you can charge a sponsor a $30 CPM ($30 for ever 1000 views) to sponsor an episode of your online video and you could be walking away with $60k in less than a month. Based on that my guess is that you would be pretty happy with 2 million views in less than a month.


Jennifer said...
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Jeff Cutler said...

$60,000 in a month or even $60,000 spread over three months (just to make the math easy) would also be fine with me.

Now I just have to see if I can fit Guy Ritchie and all those soccer players into my Scion.

To speak seriously for a moment, some of this strikes me as the direction in which media as a whole is going - on both journalism and advertising sides of the fence.

While I appreciate the creativity and skill it takes to brainstorm, develop, shoot and produce this type of piece, is it still the same level product you're going to get from the pro's?

On the journalism side, I say no. There's no substitute for a trained reporter who knows what constitutes a story and what is just fluff.

But when it comes to advertising and marketing, sometimes I think the creativity and fun factor into the popularity and impact a piece has.

And now that we have the tools, the gap between the team at Arnold and the guys in a garage or skate park or coffee shop, has diminished or vanished.

What do you think?

Thacsin said...
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